donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Anti-Theft Security Door Stop Burglar Alarm

New TCD Of The Week: Anti-Theft Security Door Stop Burglar Alarm

Simple, but effective, the Anti-Theft Security Door Stop Burglar Alarm is a fast, easy solution for ensuring home security. Just place the wedge-shaped alarm behind any door. If an intruder attempts to open the door, the design will prevent it from opening AND activate a piercing 120 dB alarm to scare off any potential robber, alert residents, and notify neighbors. Small, lightweight, and ideal for travel, the door stop alarm also features an adjustable sensitivity switch to suit your needs.

Great gift for the college student, frequent traveler, or solitary resident!

* Operated by a 9v battery (Not included)
* Vibration sensor allows low, mid, and high settings
* 120 dB siren sounds continuously once activated until until switched off
* Ships FREE to most countries.
* price: 17,93 Euro

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donderdag 12 januari 2017

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dinsdag 6 december 2016

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woensdag 5 oktober 2016

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maandag 12 september 2016

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donderdag 1 september 2016

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maandag 22 augustus 2016